Sunday, October 30, 2005

Link Between Star Wars and Aleister Crowley?

Here is an amusing essay on the supposed connection between the Star Wars mythology and the Magick of Aleister Crowley.


"Crowley makes references in his writings to 'the dwarf insane yet crafty'
who is the
source of true Wisdom, and that sounds very like Yoda, who lives on the
planet Dagobah,"

"In his Book of the Law, Crowley: wrote; 'the obeah and the wanga, the work
of the wand and the work of the sword, these he shall learn and teach.'

"Substitute Obi for Obeah and Wan for Wanga and you get Obi-Wan.

"And what device is a wand one moment and a sword the next? A lightsaber, of
course; and the relevance of 'learn and teach' is obvious, since Obi-Wan is
the teacher.

"Darth Vader's sabre is red, the colour of the sphere of Geburah, or
Severity, in
Crowley's work:

"Obi-Wan's is blue, the colour of its opposing sphere, Chesed or Mercy.

"The doctrine of the Aeon of Horus maintains that a new era has arisen,
presided over by the Egyptian God of freedom, light, vengeance and

"It forms a critical part of Crowley's teaching,

"When one considers that an Aeon is a span of time, akin to the term
'millennium', and that Horus is often depicted as a falcon, it does compel
one to look at the Millenium Falcon in a slightly
different light.

"The greatest ordeal in Crowley's system is the 'crossing of the abyss'. One
reaches the brink of a great gulf and must either surrender everything one
is and jump, or remain behind to become a 'black brother' or 'brother of the
left hand path'.

"The 'crossing of the abyss' is foreshadowed in Star Wars: A New Hope, when
Luke and Leia swing over the chasm, and it is actually repeated and achieved
in full in Empire Strikes Back, at the climax of the film.

"At the climax of Empire, Luke's right hand is severed at the wrist,
implying that he must take the left hand path and turn to the Dark Side,
becoming a 'black brother.' "


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