Monday, November 28, 2005

London Police Chief To Be Investigated

Sir Ian Blair, the chief of the London Metropolitan Police is to be investigated by an independent review panel for issuing repeated misleading statements after the shooting of an innocent man by police in the subway.

The incident, in which a 27 year old Brazilian electrician was gunned down at the Stockwell station, occurred while London was suffering a bad case of jitters following the 7-7 terror bombings.

Blair went before the cameras and made several declarations that later proved to be untrue. Some of these statements, such as what the innocent man was wearing and his behavior in the tube station could not have been simple misunderstandings since they were repeated by officials long after eyewitness evidence (including a photo of the body) had been circulated publicly.

The Brazilian man's family is refusing to go along with the whitewash. It is their protestations that have spurred the inquiry.

Lying to the public as standard operating procedure is said to have been utilized in Great Britain during the "Irish troubles," and to have been willingly embraced by the American media no later than the Vietnam war.


Anonymous Ivan Prokopchuk said...

All right. All right. A comment already.
You are hip and close enought to the action out there in DC country to know who the real culprit is, and it isn't the Chief of Police in London. It's a person "no longer of interest."
Oh if old Goya were alive today.
Have a close look at the pennant in "Burial of the Sardine".
Or am I just hearing more than the band is playing?
the face on the pennant seems a lot like Osama. But it's not. O Lord it's not!

11/28/2005 11:44 PM  
Blogger Effwit said...


If I were to disclose who the real culprit is, I would need my source to give me a waiver. Heck, he/she has not even released me to testify to Fitzgerald's grand jury, let alone share with my readers.

Of course, my statement "And I would know", might just have referred to my ability to recognise from experience a pretty weak composition.

11/29/2005 10:30 AM  

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