Monday, June 19, 2006

Austrian Right Wing Politician Calls Bush "War Criminal"

This might spice up President Bush's trip to the US-EU summit this week.

Austrian right-wing populist Joerg Haider called President Bush a war criminal on Saturday, days before Austria's government hosts Bush and European leaders in Vienna.

Haider, whose group is part of Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel's government coalition, said Bush's meeting with his European peers on Wednesday was pointless as he did not expect the U.S. president to pay attention to what Europe had to tell him.

"He is a war criminal. He brought about the war against Iraq deliberately, with lies and falsehoods," Haider said in an interview with Austrian daily newspaper Die Presse...

Austria's attitude toward the United States has worsened over the last three years, Die Presse reported separately, citing a Eurobarometer poll.

The poll showed 62 percent thought the United States played a negative role for world peace, up from 56 percent in the same poll in 2003, Die Presse said, and 49 percent found the U.S. role in fighting terrorism negative.


Blogger Strake said...

So even the pots are callin' the kettles black. Haider of all people...LOL. Wouldn't it be ripe if frontman Bush was made fall guy Bush by his own folks as part of an October surprise and they had someone outta the Cuban exile community whack him.

6/19/2006 11:28 AM  
Blogger DrewL said...

Haider's comments are spot on. Bush and many in his administration belong behind bars. They need to be brought to justice, but at least we would be civil enough to file charges, hold a trial and not resort to inhumane treatment, which is more than we can say for Bush, Cheney and company.

6/19/2006 11:33 PM  
Blogger Effwit said...


Are you Porter Goss?

6/20/2006 8:46 AM  
Blogger Effwit said...


I tend to agree.

6/20/2006 8:47 AM  

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