Friday, September 29, 2006

Torture As Political Cudgel

The torture-embracing Republicans are eager to use the despicable detainee legislation to abuse the Democrats:

Republicans, especially in the House, plan to use the military commission and wiretapping legislation as a one-two punch against Democrats this fall. The legislative action prompted extraordinarily blunt language from House GOP leaders, foreshadowing a major theme for the campaign. Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) issued a written statement on Wednesday declaring: "Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and 159 of her Democrat colleagues voted today in favor of MORE rights for terrorists."

GOP leaders continued such attacks after the wiretapping vote. "For the second time in just two days, House Democrats have voted to protect the rights of terrorists," Hastert said last night, while Boehner lashed out at what he called "the Democrats' irrational opposition to strong national security policies."

Scum like Hastert and Boehner are worthy of the utmost contempt of every decent American.

I prefer the opinion of someone who is better acquainted with the constitution and the American way:

Yale Law School Dean Harold Koh said that "the image of Congress rushing to strip jurisdiction from the courts in response to a politically created emergency is really quite shocking, and it's not clear that most of the members understand what they've done."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A cowering populace is so easy to manipulate -- most especially with a bought and paid for MSM...if people all over the US didn't buy into the fear-mongering of the likes of Hastert, he wouldn't be able to use it... sadly some of those Soccer Moms and Dads are going to have to feel the pain of losing their "freedom" before they wake up and realize how precious were the things they threw away for an imaginary safety....

Kind of like throwing away a supply of fresh, clean water -- but keeping your Crackerjack de-coder ring -- because that's what will keep you safe...

It's like watching a friend descend into mental illness...


9/29/2006 11:31 AM  
Blogger Effwit said...


The peoples' fear is definitely the control mechanism that the government is using to manipulate them with. A major problem with the masses is that they have never learned how to think critically and--more or less--accept the pablum that is spoon fed to them by their leaders.

The leaders depend on this.

The unreflective soccer moms and dads wont even realize that their rights are being eroded, their lives being what they are. Their kids, though, won't (and don't) have the same freedoms that these folks had when they were kids.

The kids cannot go out and play. But heck, they are being kept "safe."

9/29/2006 1:00 PM  
Blogger DrewL said...

The men - and women - who helped to create this nation are rolling over in their graves in disgust. They fought for the freedoms that our government now is so willing to dispense with. It's a disgrace.

If this disgraceful act occurs without so much as a response, did the act indeed occur in the first place? To far too many Americans, the answer is, "Huh?"

Take a poll. I would be willing to bet dollars to donuts that 90% of American adults have no idea whatsoever what their Congress just did.

Sadder yet, perhaps half of those wouldn't care even if they DID know what their Congress just did.

We elected them. I guess we deserve what we get: crap.

9/29/2006 11:33 PM  
Blogger Effwit said...


Your analysis of the general attitude of the American body politic is spot-on.

9/30/2006 8:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

--- I think I just read on Digby or somewhere that an educational institution gave 50 senators a multiple choice test on aspects of gov't and law -- and of the 50 24 didn't know the right inherent in the Writ of Habeas Corpus... So never mind the American Public -- the people elected to protect the laws of the land have no understanding of what they're protecting...

(I have to admit that up until now, I didn't know what Habeas Corpus meant -- but then I'm not a lawyer and I didn't go to Yale or Harvard....)

--- I just get the feeling we're in the fiddling-and-burning stage of the Empire now...


9/30/2006 9:10 AM  
Blogger Effwit said...


It is telling that many of the Senators (almost all are lawyers) would have trouble identifying Habeas Corpus. But they didn't go to law school to learn the law, but instead to acquire power through connections made there.

9/30/2006 9:44 AM  

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