Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Blair Coming To Washington Today For Iraq Discussions

Prime Minister Tony Blair is due to fly to Washington for talks with US President George Bush, as a high-level panel delivers its verdict on the situation in Iraq.

The Iraq Study Group headed by former US Secretary of State and Bush family ally James Baker is widely expected to recommend a change of course in Iraq, paving the way for an eventual pull-out of American troops.

Its publication at 4pm UK time comes a day after Mr Bush's nominee for Defence Secretary - Robert Gates - said that the US was not winning the war in Iraq. ...

Mr Bush is due to receive an advance copy of the ISG report, but Mr Blair will be in the air over the Atlantic when it is published and is not expected to see it until he lands in Washington in the evening.

He will use the 24-hour visit to drive home his message that a solution in Iraq must be part of a "whole Middle East strategy", also including a resolution of the Israel/Palestine problem and stability for Lebanon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony Blair now says the Iraq war 'is not being won'...Brilliant! Gee Tony, how'd you come to that conclusion! What a leader!!

12/06/2006 4:21 PM  

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