Monday, October 31, 2005

Differing Recollections of Different People

The water-carriers for the administration have adopted a rather silly meme to try to sweep I. Lewis Libby's indictment under the rug. The tools are using the defense that persons charged with perjury have traditionally employed. This is the old "my client didn't lie, the misunderstanding arose from the differing recollections of different people."

Libby's defenders must have no idea how ridiculous this defense is in this case. Libby's conduct does not involve telling one or two incidental lies to the grand jury. Libby concocted an elaborate fiction about how he learned of Mrs. Wilson's identity from Tim Russert. He spun a vast web of lies to support this story, and repeated the tale to both FBI agents and the grand jury. This is not simply a matter of a busy man making a little mistake.

Yet, all Sunday morning the political talk shows wheeled out partisan hack after hack to repeat the clever talking point.

Make no mistake, a federal court will not be buying this load of horsehockey.

While we are still on the subject of "Plamegate", I have seen dire speculation on the internets involving the threat to justice should something untoward happen to prosecutor Fitzgerald. These people are off base. Mr. Fitzgerald has all relevent files backed up in order to proceed with an even more vigorous prosecution if this scenario comes into play. The assassination of Judge John Wood in El Paso back in 1979 shows what can be assumed to be the standard operating procedure. The Feds will take no quarter.

A more likely miscarriage of justice given this bunch would be for something to happen to Lewis Libby. Lets hope he stays around to squeal on his co-conspirators.


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