Saturday, September 30, 2006

Woodward Turning Against Bush Is Sign That Shakeup May Be Coming

I have repeatedly mentioned here that when the real owners of the United States decide that President Bush has reached the point where he is giving American-style fascism a bad name, they will arrange for one of the many questionable actions of the administration to metastasize into a full blown scandal and wash Bush from the scene.

Exactly like they did (and for the exact same reason) to President Nixon in 1974.

I had not really expected them to use one of the same hatchet men that they employed in Nixon's day.

After two ass-kissing books on the Bush administration, Bob Woodward is bringing out a work of non-fiction this time that approaches his subject from a position of new-found skepticism. Despite Woodward's claim that he has learned details of which he was previously not aware, this is not a case of a "foolish consistency" being corrected by the facts.

There are no earth-shaking revelations in Woodward's new book, but that isn't really the point of the exercise.

Woodward's volte face is a signal that the Bush and crew can expect things to begin going worse for them, at least politically.

Dick Cheney is likely to make a departure soon after the midterm elections to prepare the team for a change--if necessary--in head coach.


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