Friday, October 27, 2006

Head In The Clouds

From Al Kamen:

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld had a little free time Wednesday for an interview with a Kern News/Talk Radio show.

"Welcome back. My name is Inga," the segment began. "This is 'The Inga Barks Show' broadcasting live from the White House. Thank you, Oreck Clean Homes Center, for sending me here and giving me the opportunity to meet Donald Rumsfeld . . ."

Barks asked Rumsfeld about all the negative press about Iraq.

The media is omnipresent, reporting the violence, he said. "I mean, I fly over Baghdad frequently, and it's where -- within 30 miles of Baghdad is about 90 percent of the violence in the country. And you fly over it and there are people waiting at gas stations, there are people out eating and doing things. The place is not in flames." Granted, "there are a lot of people being killed," he said.

Guess people on the ground simply lack the perspective.


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