Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Beatles Anomalies List

The internet is full of Beatles sites, but one of the best is What Goes On: The Beatles Anomalies List.

Mike Brown and Michael Weiss have collected information for years on various odd things that made it onto the recordings issued by the Beatles. These include instances of mixing errors, messed up lyrics and musical notes, unintentional noises and voices, etc. Once you have heard these songs hundreds (or thousands) of times, you just figure that many of these were supposed to be part of the song. This website shows you otherwise and deciphers just what you are hearing.

From the introductory page:

Have you ever ...

... heard chattering, voices, or odd noises in the background of a Beatles song?

...wondered who sang "She Loves You" at the end of All You Need Is Love ?

... heard stories about what John sings at the end of Baby You'’re A Rich Man?

...wanted to know which Beatles song, played on the radio the world over, has an undeleted expletive in, where it is, and why it happened?

... wondered where the famous edit is in Strawberry Fields Forever, and what the Morse code in it might mean?

...puzzled over strange voices in I Am The Walrus, Yellow Submarine, and Revolution No. 9?

...or wondered about these backwards messages about Paul ?

...wanted to know about that alarm clock noise, where John can be heard chewing gum, what'’s tapping through Blackbird, why there are bits missing in Day Tripper'’s guitars, what all those strange bits in Helter Skelter are all about, and who'’s got the blisters?

...Then keep reading, for you are among friends.

The site is searchable by alphabetical order or by album. These lads (Mike and Michael) have a hard-copy book out too. Take a look at the site, it will be well worth your time.


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