Monday, November 14, 2005

Myanmar Abruptly Moves Government

The government of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) has suddenly packed up and moved 200 miles from Yangon (Rangoon) to a compound in the south-central city of Pyinmana. Myanmar is noteworthy for having a questionable human rights record, and being the world's second largest heroin producer.

It is not known why the leadership decided to make this drastic move, one rumor is that they fear an American invasion. The generals must not have gotten the memo that the U.S. Army is otherwise occupied. Not to mention that they are not on anyone's short list of logical American military targets.

The timing of the move seems linked to astrology. The move commenced at exactly 6:37 a.m. Sunday, November 5. The Burmese have been known to schedule important events, such as their independence celebration in 1948, to take advantage of auspicious positions of the stars.

Most Americans know astrology only as a frivolous diversion in the entertainment section of their newspaper. Other cultures, especially in Asia, take it much more seriously. The modern science of astronomy had its roots in astrology.

Too bad someone in the White House didn't consult the stars back in March 2003.


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