Friday, November 11, 2005

The Omniscient Rev. Pat Robertson

The Reverend Pat Robertson had better hope that he never has to rely for his continued health and well being upon the prayers of the citizens of Dover, Pennsylvania.

This is because the Rev. Robertson has divined that God will never again listen to the town's now spiritually imperiled residents. Not just that, but Robertson also hints at possible divine retribution towards the townsfolk.

Dover had the good sense to vote out of office all eight members of their school board after they attempted to mandate the teaching of "intelligent design" alongside the evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin.

Rev. Robertson has a habit of making pronouncements about the will of God that could only be uttered by the Lord himself. The ironic aspect of this is that anyone trying to usurp the authority of God by making decisions that should rightly be left to the almighty would be a sinner of the grossest nature.

The intolerance and bigotry of the current generation of fundamentalists speaks loudly of a lack of true faith in the power of salvation.

I don't think the people of Dover have anything to worry about.


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