Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Reptilian Bob Woodward

The Washington Post, certainly no slouch when it comes to sucking up to power, stars today in a outrageous new assault upon the sensibilities of thinking people everywhere.

This time it is their legendary "investigative" reporter Bob Woodward who has been caught withholding important information from CIA leak case special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

Woodward had seemed almost jealous during a number of recent televised appearances that he had not been in the loop in the "Plamegate" scandal. Woodward opined that Fitzgerald's investigation was much ado about nothing. He even went so far as claim that he was privy to a classified CIA after action report stating that no real damage had been done by the disclosure of Mrs. Wilson's name and occupation.

It turns out that Woodward was up to his neck in the affair, speaking with three officials about Ms. Plame before her public unmasking by Robert Novak in early July 2003. The Post today details the secretive Woodward's duplicity (triplicity?) in not only withholding this fact from the prosecutor, but also from Post editors and readers.

Woodward slithers.

He deserves the fate of Judith Miller.

He slithers bad.


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